Friday, September 26, 2008

Here is a question from Anonymous:

Hey Hope,

I have alot of ideas for what to do when I get older, but my biggest one is what I really work for!I think I have raw talent but when I see people with a gift it makes me feel like I shouldn't try, cuz I won't stand out. What should I do?

Dear Anonymous,

What a great question!! You are really thinking and that is the beginning of finding your niche! We all have one you know-something special and unique we have to give to others. I am thrilled you have lots of ideas! That shows you have enthusiasm, motivation and the desire to grow. Good for you!! I think I can give you some suggestions:

1. PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST- Take the time each day to pray...Reminding yourself that you are a child of God is essential! He made you, He loves you and He will give you the wisdom and strength you need to use your talents for good!

2. NEVER compare yourself to others!! It is a trick that blinds you to your own uniqueness . We can learn from others, but we never want to be a cheap imitation of them! God wants us to be our best selves. Simply ask yourself if you are trying to be more and more the person God made you to become.

3.BE THANKFUL! A grateful heart is a happy heart! It really is true! Each time you notice someone else's talent be thankful that God made each of us with so many gifts. Talents are just a reflection of God's goodness and beauty. Compliment others sincerely and be happy for them. It will take nothing away from you, but it will add joy to your life!

4. DO YOUR BEST...AND GOD WILL DO THE REST! This has always been one of our mottos at home. It is true!! Simply give your best effort at developing your talents and watch God take care of the rest from there! Also try to focus on making God smile, you ALWAYS have his attention. Do things for Him and you will begin to shine with His light which is the BEST way to stand out!

5. Lastly, I have often had my girls write down their special qualities and talents. You might take time to do this (ask your parents to help you-I am sure that they are aware of your special gifts!). Then try to develop them and be grateful for them. Be glad you're YOU! I AM!!

Your friend,

Hope :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Hope,

I want to have lots of friends but I get hurt so easily-what should I do? help!!